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Full Packing Services

Decided to put your moving project on auto-pilot? GREAT! Call us at (713) 382-7479 to learn more about how we can take the stress out of your moving day.

Long Distance

 Need a long distance move? Not a problem! Our Houston Local Movers are more than just experienced for long drives, let us take care of you and let's talk about how far you're moving at (713) 382-7479 .

Local Moving

Moving locally? Sounds easy to us! Contact us at (713) 382-7479 to discuss your moving needs, whether you're moving 10 miles away or just around the block, we'll be more than happy to partner with you and ensure you a smooth move!

Don't hesitate when it comes your belongings.


A-1 Express Local Movers has been there before, and will be there also in the future - when it comes to your most precious items, We treat them as our own - we protect and wrap each piece of furniture individually with plastic wrap and moving pads - furthermore we use security straps and a methodical stacking technique to make sure your items make it safe on your moving day.

Want to discuss your moving needs? Give us a quick call.

(713) 382-7479